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Buy AB-CHMINACA Online,Due to limited availability of well-known chemical agents that were traditionally used for this purpose, researchers focused on synthetic cannabinoids are increasingly switching to indazole-based materials. AB-CHMINACA is a chemical from this group that appears to be a good candidate for the role of research replacement, since its interactions with cannabinoid receptors closely match the impact of natural THC. This chemical has a molecule similar to that of AB-FUBINACA, with the main difference coming from the introduction of a cyclohexyl group in place of a 4-fluorophenyl group.

As the research chemical has been introduced to the market only recently, its properties are not fully understood yet. Based on existing data, AB-CHMINACA is expected to have much stronger affinity for CB1 than for CB2 receptors, which is in line with findings for other indazole cannabinoids. The product is available for delivery as a crystalline solid, stable on room temperature and simple to measure and prepare for objective testing.


Like all other products available from our store, AB-CHMINACA can be used exclusively by qualified researchers for conducting chemical and physical experiments in a properly equipped lab. Please pay attention that some jurisdictions may have recently placed restrictions on this substance and make sure it’s legal in your area of residence before initiating a transaction. Avoid contact with humans or animals at any cost and seek immediate medical attention if the chemical accidentally contaminates living organisms. Apply standard lab safety procedures when working with AB-CHMINACA. Contact us here or proceed to check out


was created on an indazole base that makes it quite different from most of the JWH compounds that have an indolyl base. The IPUAC name for AB-CHMINACA is (R)-N-(1-amino-3-methyl-1-oxobutan-2-yl)-1-(cyclohexylmethyl)-1H-indazole-3-carboxamide. The chemical formula for AB-CHMINACA is C20H28N4O2 with an exact mass of 356.22 and a molecular weight of 356.46.

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If you happen to be one of those free-spirited researchers who can’t resist the urge to explore new avenues of knowledge, AB-CHMINACA definitely offers a lot of potential for you. This is one of the latest additions to the list of available synthetic cannabinoids, only appearing on the online market in 2013 and causing quite a stir in the research community. While it has often been compared to other cannabinoid receptor agonists such as AB-FUBINACA and AKB-48, its indazole base makes this chemical distinct from indolyl-based cannabinoids from the JWH family and opens up plenty of new possibilities for scientific study.See wiki

AB-CHMINACA is classified in literature under its IUPAC label (R)-N-(1-amino-3-methyl-1-oxybutan-2-yl)-1-(cyclohexymethyl)-1H-indazole-3-carboxamide, while its molecular formula is given as C20H28N4O2. The substance has molecular weight of 356.46 and is normally found in crystalline solid form suitable for handling and storage. Few laboratory tests have been conducted with AB-CHMINACA so far, but early predictions put this substance firmly in the group of cannabioid receptor agents. Such postulates are seemingly supported by its striking similarity with AB-FUMINACA, with a cyclohexyl group substituted in place of a 4-flourophenyl structure as the only major difference between the two molecules.